Manor Park is a contemporary, growing church in the beautiful city of Worcester. Our church family comprises a wide range of people of all ages and walks of life.

Manor Park Church was planted from Woodgreen Evangelical Church in 2000. 

Our main worship meetings centre on teaching from the Bible, as we believe that it’s through his word that God reveals himself to us today. We seek to teach the truth in a lively, relevant and challenging way that speaks to the world of the 21st century. Our Sunday mornings also feature contemporary worship and prayer (and coffee!).

Church planting is a major part of our vision – in fact, we ourselves are a plant so it’s in our DNA! In 2012 we planted our first church, and we pray that God would present us with opportunities to plant further churches in the future.

We are convinced that only by knowing Jesus as Lord and Saviour can we have life, and have it to the full. Intrigued? Come along to one of our meetings to find out more.

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