Manor Park Church, Worcester

About Us

Manor Park Church is a contemporary, growing church, meeting on Dines Green, Worcester. We were formed as a daughter church from Woodgreen Evangelical Church (Warndon, Worcester) in 2000. We have a wide range of people who meet together of all ages and walks of life.

One of our passions is church planting. In 2012 we planted our first church, and we pray that under God this will happen again in the future.

Our main worship meetings centre on teaching from the Bible since we believe that God speaks to us today through the Bible. We seek to teach the truth in a lively way that speaks to the world of the 21st century. We surround this with contemporary worship, prayer and end with refreshments.

The church is not a group of individuals but a family and as such we enjoy meals together, weekends away and other activities where we can build relationships and friendships with each other. We encourage everyone to be involved and active in church life together.

We are convinced that God gives real meaning to life and that we can only make sense of life when we accept that God is real and that the claims of his Son, Jesus, are accepted. You would hear more about these claims at any one of our meetings.

We are affiliated to the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC), a group of over 500 like-minded churches. For more information visit the FIEC website.