Manor Park Church, Worcester

In The Beginning – Sermons from Genesis 1-3

Present Pagan Cultureabc

Western Culture – and now increasingly world culture – has changed dramatically over the last 3 decades. Not for the better, but for the worse. We live in an age completely confused over identity, sexuality and gender.

What is even more tragic is that wide sections of the “church” have also drifted with the times -largely because they are increasingly ignorant of the Scriptures.

In this series of sermons we examine what the Scriptures teach about all these issues. We learn that the fall is responsible for the confusion we now face, and we learn that only the Gospel can save us, our culture and the world.

Starting 8th January 2017…


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We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings to hear and share in this Good News. The whole family is welcome. We meet at Dines Green Primary School at 10:30am.

Dines Green Primary School
Tudor Way

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