Manor Park Church, Worcester

Elder Profile : Andy Beard

Role within the church

I am one of the elders in the church. The vision we have for Manor Park Church is to see the Kingdom of God and of Jesus Christ extend right here in St John’s in Worcester. The Kingdom of God is not a place but is made up of people who know the power and love of Jesus Christ in their lives.


I married Kirsten in 1998. We have 3 young boys, aged between 2 and 6, and they keep us on our toes most of the time! Currently I work in Tewkesbury as an engineer for a communications technology company.


I became a Christian as a sixth former. My Dad was the Pastor of a small village Baptist church in the Cotswolds, but that certainly didnt make me a Christian – quite the opposite! So although I thought I knew everything there was to know about beginning a Christian, I also knew I wasnt one and nor did I want to be one! However, God was patient with me and after several years of being a teenage rebel, God made himself clear to me through His word (the Bible) and help me to respond to him and the forgiveness He offers through His Son Jesus.


With a family of small boys there’s not a lot of time to yourself! But I like to be outdoors if possible – either enjoying the Worcestershire countryside with my boys or down on my allotment growing vegetables. I dont watch much TV apart from the news! But I do like well made history documentaries. I like a wide range of music, for no other reason than I like it! I guess I do have more U2 albums than any others though.

Favourite scripture

2 Corinthians 5 v 21 is a breath-taking truth!

Favourite place on this planet

I havent really travelled much outside the UK, but I’ve many favourite places in this beautiful country – such as the wooded Cotswold valley where I grew up, or Welsh mountains, especially in the snow, or the rugged Scottish Highlands. All demonstrate the skill and artistry of their Creator.

Come and Visit!

We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings to hear and share in this Good News. The whole family is welcome. We meet at Dines Green Primary School at 10:30am.

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