Manor Park Church, Worcester

Deacon Profile: Richard Harris

Role within the church

Deacon. My vision for Manor Park is that we may grow together as a family with the Lord Jesus Christ as our head guiding us through His Holy Spirit in all we do, bringing the love of God to St. Johns and the surrounding area. I pray that we may be a welcoming Church where anyone may immediately feel comfortable and accepted into the family of God, no matter what their background.


Married for 19 years to my wife Helen. I have 3 children – 2 boys and 1 girl. I am a Civil/Structural Engineer responsible for giving advice and granting structures Technical Approval for part of the strategic road network in England.


I have recently taken up archery which is a sport that I can do with my son and going to our archery club now seems to take up increasing amounts of our spare time. I also enjoy walking and cycling, weather permitting! I enjoy most science fiction, drama and comedy. My favourite music varies with my mood!

Favourite scripture

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16

Favourite place on this planet

Barmouth, Wales – I love smell of the sea and the view from the Railway Bridge looking up the estuary towards the mountains.


As a child I was confirmed in the Church of England. However, when I was 14 I went on holiday with a very good friend, who had moved away with his parents and hence I had not seen for a few years. He told me that he had become a Christian and I could soon see that he had changed in a big way and possessed an obvious joy and confidence in his faith that I did not have. I realised that my own belief was only an academic understanding of the Christian faith and I really wanted it to be real like it was for my friend. He explained to me how he believed Jesus had died for him to forgive his sins and this same Jesus had also died for me. He gave me a tape (this shows my age!) of a musical called The Witness.

After the holiday I listened to this tape many times, and one of the songs was about how Jesus was crucified for our sins and how he had taken our punishment that we deserved – all we had to do was be sorry for our sin and ask Jesus for his forgiveness and we would be truly forgiven. One of the times when I listened to this tape quietly in my own room, at the part where the nails were driven into Jesus’ hands when he was crucified, I completely broke down and wept as I finally realised what Jesus had done for me. Suddenly it was real and I had never felt so wretched and miserable in all my life as I understood that it was my sin that had led Jesus to the cross. I begged Jesus for forgiveness and immediately my misery turned to a joy that I had never experienced before as I was completely overcome by His love. I now truly knew what it meant to be a Christian. I was born again, a new creation, and I have never been the same since.

Come and Visit!

We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings to hear and share in this Good News. The whole family is welcome. We meet at Dines Green Primary School at 10:30am.

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