Manor Park Church, Worcester

Deacon Profile: Jack Maddison


My Vision for Manor Park

To be a group of people that encourages one another to trust God more and more, and which takes the bible seriously as a guide to life. To be part of the church nationwide that imparts to our nation the need for the God-of-the-bible as the solution to all our problems in society.


Coral and I met as teenagers at school, but later attended the same church. We were never “just good friends”! We married in 1964, and the marriage produced 3 children. The oldest still lives in our home county of Cumbria, but our two daughters live near us in Worcester and, with their families, worship with us at Manor Park.


I was raised in a non-religious home—my dad was a disenchanted Catholic, and my mother a Christmas-and-Easter Anglican. Only at the age of 17 did I come into contact with people (school friends) who regarded God as a person who was seriously interested in us. This led to an Evangelistic Campaign where I accepted Jesus as my personal saviour—some 55 years ago. This was life transforming for me—but not easy as many of my friends and family thought this was crazy.

One of my favourite bible verses (there are a hundred others) is Jeremiah 29 v 11. This was not written specifically to me, but it has been true in my experience.


Sport has always played an important part in my life. I played football for the County (Lancashire) and represented the same County in athletics. In 1963 I was selected to play for the England Amateur Football team At one time I was a professional footballer. In later life my sport was channelled into Church Youth Work—which lasted for 53 years!! Now the most energetic pursuits I can manage are walking/rambling and gardening.

I obtained a degree in Chemistry and worked for much of my life in the pharmaceutical industry. My interest in science has never left me, and I read avidly about science and creation. I retired early in order to spend more time with my family, and especially with the expanding number of grandchildren (now 6).

Favourite Places

I have been fortunate to travel extensively both in my career and on walking holidays. I have worked in India, Pakistan, and both lived and worked in Mexico. My most memorable holiday visits have been to New Zealand, to the National Parks in USA, and to China. I always enjoy returning to Cumbria to walk in the Lake District. Choosing between these is difficult, but I have a very soft spot in my heart for Mexico.

Come and Visit!

We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings to hear and share in this Good News. The whole family is welcome. We meet at Dines Green Primary School at 10:30am.

Dines Green Primary School
Tudor Way

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